Spin Doctor

In his own unique way, fashion designer Kristof Buntinx champions elections. He does so without taking sides since he prefers to transcend political differences between the political parties. According to him he goes for the people behind the party. In order to back his statement, he made a number of short films, posters and a radio spot starring his favourite Belgian politicians.

“Art and politics used to be more often intertwined,” is how he explains his political aspirations. “Just think of the patrons of the arts in Renaissance Italy, where the Medici political dynasty guided artists to their greatest masterpieces in Florence.” By supporting politics as an artist, Buntinx reverses the patronage process.
The designer intuitively defends his choice. “I got to know the majority of ‘my’ politicians when they were active in youth wings of political parties.” The exception to the rule is Ann Brusseel. “I have never met her personally. Why does she fit into the mould? I feel she is a fascinating woman,” he states.

CD&V party member Marilyn Neven's career is more unblemished than many a social media profile. The politician is second successor for the European Parliament, but her modesty is an obstacle to her place in the spotlight. Now for the first time this new star in the sky will be the centre of attention

“Poverty is an injustice,” according to Jo Fobelets, the Groen Leuven social activist. Buntinx made a funny video, not in order to make light of it, but to slightly counter this fact's deadly earnest

Hannelore Goeman is second successor at SPa. She likes to philosophise about theological matters, and does so often. “I admire Goeman's open approach to the world,” as Buntinx expresses his support

Open VLD member and Flemish MP, Ann Brusseel is famous for her no-nonsense opinions. The fact that she loves cats is a piece of trivia that Buntinx feels particularly suits her

Optimistic Lieven Lemmens is not only the fourth successor for the Flemish parliament, but also the principal of a multicultural primary school in Brussels (Molenbeek). Making the world a better place is at the top of his list of priorities

Véronique Peters allows everyone to seek shelter under her umbrella. With her gentle nature, the second successor for the Brussels Parliament blows a new, much-needed wind into the political scene

Sophie Brouhon is the fifth successor for the Brussels parliament. She effortlessly takes keeping a household budget to a higher level and as a budget expert hugely contributes to the SPa
In order to give the duo an extra boost, Buntinx also created posters for Marilyn Neven and Sophie Brouhon.

Bianca Debaets, Flemish MP, did not get a video but her own song and radio spot. The young woman is a staunch advocate of increased party and rehearsal rooms for young people and believes solidarity between people is critical. Therefore she feels perfectly at home in a multicultural city such as Brussels as well as within the CD&V

Listen to the radio tune.