Fashionable Calendar

Kristof Buntinx designed this calendar as a statement and in response to the condemnation of homosexuality by President Putin's Russian regime. Many people throughout the world, both within and outside LGB movements, rightfully reacted with indignation to this hard-line approach.
The Belgian designer Kristof Buntinx for his part, came up with this idea of boxer shorts as a whimsical but no less explicit answer. He contacted four fashion models and asked them to show his designs during a fashion shoot. As a motif for the boxer-shorts he opted for traditional Russian and Soviet symbols, such as hammer and sickle, matryoshka dolls, the Kremlin, etc. He asked the models to unequivocally refer to homosexuality by hugging or holding each other.
Top photographer Herman van Gestel got everything on film at the Brussels Dominican Hotel. With a big thank you to make-up artists Caro Line and Lili Glavan. And of course the handsome lads: Dylan Nahooy, Mathieu Lernon, Louis Tichelaar and Sebasteaan van Arnhem.

The launch party at the luxury The Dominican Hotel, 9 Rue Leopold in 1000 Brussels (street behind the Muntpunt) was held on Saturday evening, 28 September 2013.

7.30 PM: Reception
8 PM: Dinner*
9.30 PM: Uber cool band Piment
10.30 PM: Presentation of calendar
11 PM: Arno & The Main Act (Arno Sintobin)
1 AM: Conclusion (due to liquor licence until 1 AM)

Big thanks to the bands Piment and Arno & The Main Act!