Dana Winner

Kristof Buntinx incorporates trailblazing LED technology in dream dress.

Belgian fashion designer Kristof Buntinx designed a dream dress for Flemish nightingale Dana Winner to celebrate her new album, Puur.
The dress is made from high-quality silk, lace and tulle and consists of a long, ample princess line skirt in smooth, dark-grey tulle, a silk bustier with transparent details and a see-through top in light-grey lace with boat neck, long sleeves and embroidered pearl appliqués. Hence a dream of a dress! But what makes this design extra special, is the brand-new, pioneering technology processed in the dress.

The dress’s bodice is dotted with 1,900 points of light, each containing three LEDs. By means of an innovative technological process each of these pixels can turn any colour. Since the lights are interconnected, they can be programmed to create moving images, which, just like a computer monitor, are controlled by a small, built-in computer and a specially designed module processes the video images, distributes the signals across the dress and provides all electrical components. A feat never before accomplished in a Belgian-made garment.

Limburg pride

Therefore the designer is proud to be part of this exciting project and to be able to collaborate with Dana Winner. “Dana is one of the best Belgian singers, so I can only applaud this collaboration,” Buntinx beams.

Dress Code – Flemish innovation with an eye to the world

The dress, which was christened Dress Code, is the result of a collaboration between Kristof Buntinx, the Wilrijk-based lighting technology company Lux Lumen and the Research Group Textielkunde from the University of Ghent. The three of them responded to the Call for Innovation with the Creative Industries (CICI) of Flanders DC (Flemish organisation for entrepreneurial creativity) and IWT. The CICI-programme aims to develop inspiring joint ventures, and in the process bridge the gap between creative industries and other sectors.

A design that is literally interwoven with such trailblazing technology is right up Buntinx’ experimental alley. The pioneering designer is not afraid of taking a risk here and there, which he has proven in the past with designs that made daring statements, such as his pro-gay (and anti-Putin’s homophobia) boxer shorts, rainbow shirt and designs with a religious background.