Coffee Cup

At one point Illy launched its collection of decorated cups. I extrapolated and thought of coffee cup, drinking coffee, my mother drinking coffee and leaving lipstick on the cup. For me it also had to do with the concept of making attractive that which is dirty or what is actually not accepted, in this case the lipstick, the finger prints, the coffee ring and coffee drops left on the service. That was an idea I had quite early on, when I started psychoanalysis and struggled with the fact that others did not accept me. I was 19. Later I saw this design appear partially on cardboard cups, in lipstick advertising, but by then I had already sold my cups in the Godiva store on the art-loving Sablon in Brussels. One cup, filled with her favorite chocolate, I gave to Queen Paola who encouraged me to pursue my creations in a nice letter. I made the cups at Royal Boch in La Louvière. I used my body in the sense that I painted my lips and finger tips and imprinted them on the cups. So I didn’t have to sign them again. As seen from the psychology of creation it could be said that this is a prime example, as are many of my projects, of the psychological process of condensation, which means the process through which various thought processes are represented in a single image. I hope that Illy will ask me to do this all over again for them. This is a photoshopped image on how it would look.