In this film by director Ilke de Vries designer Kristof Buntinx (b. 1975, St-Truiden, Belgium) nostalgically remembers the period of his psychotic crisis several years ago. Lying on a Freudian couch he recounts his memories, associatively linked and mixed with his current activities, including his creative design of garments and objects. In his delusion he tried to create what he was missing: something to guide him and to cling to. Feeling he was the son of God, he confirmed the latter in his symbolic father function. For it is the son who actually makes a father a father. Kristof's delusion, as a spontaneous attempt at a cure, can also be categorized as a creation. Through his delusion, Kristof created himself so to speak, just like when he creates art as a designer. In this sense Ilke de Vries's film is about the essence of the creative process: créer et se créer.

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