Kortrijk Interieur

In keeping with tradition, biennially Kortrijk Interieur holds a competition for the clothing of its stewards & hostesses. This year I very enthusiastically presented the designs ‘The inside’. Both designs with the same name involve complete outfits to be worn by both male hosts and female hostesses. They are white, two-part suits with associated shirt or blouse. On the fabric from which the suits are made, a colourful interweaving is printed that refers to the electrical wires that are every bit as colourful and which we usually find on the inside of an interior (in the wall, floor, ceiling), or also to the home automation that is worked into it today. Both with the title (“The inside”) and the design itself (wiring) I explicitly refer to the Biënnale Interieur event in Kortrijk. I also switch ‘inside’ and ‘outside’: the inside comes to be seen on the outside. Nice, in my opinion, but unfortunately enough my designs were not retained.