Crisis Jewellery

With this 2D jewellery Belgian fashion designer Kristof Buntinx shows what true luxury means to him. The designs are ideal for the end-of-year period and other festive occasions. They are made from high-quality paper with a luxurious ribbon to wear around the neck.

With a pricey hat collection for Royal Ascot and custom-made dresses the designer had played the luxury card in the past. This time, however, Kristof Buntinx offers more affordable glamour. Buntinx is no stranger to puns and rebellious tricks, which is also obvious in his new jewellery range, where the focus is on symbolic luxury.

Thanks to their baroque diamond prints and royal colours the paper jewellery is truly eye catching, coming into its own in a festive context. Making a statement with an over-the-top accessory does not have to be expensive. Or gift luxury with a warm message!